Konftel 300W DECT Base Only


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Base unit for Konftel 300W DECT
The Konftel 300W is the wireless conference phone that offers you the greatest possible freedom with a range of clever features. In addition it boasts superior sound quality which is a must for efficent teelphone conferences.
The Konftel 300W gives you the flexibility to arrange meetings without the need for electrical sockets or phone jacks, with its rechargeable battery it allows up to 60 hours talk time.
  • Dect for outstanding sound and range- with a range of up to 200 metres. It is GAP compatable and can therefore be integrated with existing DECT/GAP systems.
  • Top qaulity battery with long talk time- Provides up to 60 hours talktime and 10 days of standby time when fully charged. Charge the battery by placing the Konftel 300W on the charging stand provided.
  • Memory Card Recordings- Konftel 300W can record calls or dictations onto a SD memory card, the recorded calls can be listened to on the Konftel 300W or a computer with a memory card reader.
  • Flexible Performance- As well as the wireless DECT connection the Konftel 300W can be connected to a mobile phone and PC via a USB port for VoIP calls using wideband voice. The line mode switches and combines connections.
  • Conference Guide- Create a group in the conference guide and call everyone in the group by simply pressing a button. You can store up to 20 groups.
  • 2 year warranty
Konftel 300W DECT Base Only

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