Avaya B189 IP Conference Phone (PoE)


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Set-up and manage conference calls with ease; the Avaya B189 Conference Phone is Avaya’s most advance conference phone. With its sleek, modern design—including a bright five-inch capacitive touchscreen display, HD quality audio, and productivity-enhancing features—the B189 is the ideal choice for an executive conference phone. Full duplex communication, 360-degree surround sound pick-up via two powerful speakers and four built-in microphones. The B189 conference phone can pick up individual voices within a wide 20-foot radius. Just tap through colourful and intuitive menus to start a call, add participants, mute, hold, transfer and more. Because the B189 conference phone is designed around the sophisticated Avaya Aura software platform, you can take advantage of any of the great features you already use with your existing Avaya phones.

As with the entire B100 Series Conference Phones portfolio, we’ve instilled the B189 Conference Phone with capabilities above and beyond conference calling. Features that make it easier to create calls and extend what’s possible with a conference phone. Access your favourite Avaya Aura and Communication Manager phone applications. For IT staff used to implementing phones in their Avaya Aura network, installation will be at once familiar and fast.
The B189 IP Conference Phone is the most sophisticated conference phone yet from Avaya, designed specifically for use in Avaya Aura® networks.
• Avaya OmniSound technology
• Super-wideband audio
• Full-duplex speakerphone, IEEE 1329 Type 2 compliant
Call Handling
• H.323
• SIP (upgradeable in future release)
User Interface
• 5-inch capacitive touch screen display; QVGA resolution (800 x 480)
• Enables advanced Avaya Communication Manager
Speaker Volume
• 96 dBSpl @ 0.5m (RMS)
• Frequency response: 70 Hz to 15kHz
Software compatibility
• Avaya Communication Manager releases: R5.2.1; R6.2; R6.3.2; R6.3.3 (future)
• 4 built-in beam-forming
• Range: 20-feet
• Optional extension microphones (8-foot)
• Ethernet RJ45 (10/100/1000 Mbps)
• Expansion microphones
• Mini-USB port
• Auxiliary jacks for wireless headset, PA system and expansion
Avaya B189 IP Conference Phone (PoE)

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