Soundshield 4G Acoustic Safety Amplifier


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The Soundshield 4G Acoustic Protection Device has been specifically designed to provide the highest level of Acoustic Safety to Contact Centre Headset Users, while maintaining excellent voice clarity and intelligibility.

Fear change?

Looking for acoustic protection, but still in love with your current headset?
Then this is the one for you. It includes all the benefits of Soundshield technology, without the change in your current headset set-up.
  • Sonaron™ Patented Shriek Rejection Software offers Total Protection from Acoustic Shock caused by sudden & unexpected loud noises and high pitched sounds.
  • Volume Limiter Protects you from long term exposure to loud noise.
  • HD Wideband Sound for excellent voice quality and intelligibility.
  • Noise Dosimetry Software means data can be analysed via easy-to-read graphs that allow you to easily view the noise dosimetry data saved within each Soundshield in your Contact Centre.
  • Effortless Desk-phone / PC Switching so you can quickly and easily switch from Phone to PC audio.
Soundshield 4G Acoustic Safety Amplifier

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