agent 200 Top Half Headset


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Key Business Application
This is a double earpiece headset that fits comfortably over both ears, making it ideal for noisy offices.

Target Users
This headset is perfect if you take calls regularly and need a comfortable, lightweight headset with great sound quality. Because it covers both your ears, it minimises distractions, even in busy offices.

Product Description
The Agent 200 has a noise cancelling microphone which cancels out extraneous noise from other sources. Combined with the double earpiece, it has excellent sound quality and makes it ideal for noisy offices when you want to focus attention on the call. It has an adjustable headband to ensure maximum comfort, a flexible boom that you can adjust to suit your own preference and leatherette ear cushions, so the earpieces sit comfortably over your ears.  

Benefits to Users

  • Double earpiece delivers sound to both ears - great in noisy offices
  • Excellent sound quality, enhanced further through the noise cancelling microphone 
  • Adjustable headband and flexible boom for personal comfort
  • Quick disconnect feature allows you to quickly disconnect from the bottom half cable, whilst still wearing the headset

This product may require a bottom cable/cord - please contact us for details.

  • Medium use call centre headset
  • Two earpieces for the noisy office environment
  • Superb sound quality
  • Noise cancelling microphone as standard
  • Quick disconnect
  • Adjustable headband
  • Flexible microphone boom
  • Clothing clip
  • Supplied with leatherette ear cushions
  • 2 year repair/replace warranty
  • CE approved

This product may require a bottom cable/cord - please contact us for details.

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