Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo Headset - USB - MS


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 Key Business Application

A next generation, premium, two earpiece USB headset optimised for Microsoft Office Communicator (OC).


Target Users

People in offices and call centres who require a headset that is optimised for unified communications, enabling them to boost their productivity and efficiency. Workers who need a robust, comfortable headset that delivers superior audio quality and plugs directly into a PC or laptop.


Product Description

The Jabra BIZTM2400 USB Headset OC Version incorporates industry-leading technology. The headset is certified and optimised for Microsoft OC. It allows workers to combine all their communication tools together - such as voicemail, email and SMS with real-time tools that enhance productivity, such as instant messaging, IP telephony and video conferencing - without compromising on audio quality. It boasts numerous improvements that take corded headset technology to the next level. Its hand-made Neodymium speakers and gold contacts offer an unbeatable audio experience. Its surgical steel design and ultra-strong Kevlar-reinforced cord provides maximum strength and resilience. It also has an improved noise cancelling system.



  • 10x better - 10 improvements and industry firsts
  • Headset plugs directly into the USB port of a PC or laptop
  • Certified and optimised for use with Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Neodymium speakers and gold contacts provide superior audio quality to increase understanding between users
  • Improved noise-cancelling ensures better sound pick-up
  • Ultra-strong and durable steel and Kevlar design ensures maximum service life and minimum maintenance costs
  • Double earpiece for minimum distraction and maximum call quality
  • USB headset optimised for Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Two ear piece stereo sound in true Hi-Fi quality (80-16,000Hz) for perfect audio and wideband VoIP
  • Neodymium speakers
  • Improved noise cancelling
  • Break-proof FreeSpin boom with 360-degree rotation
  • Surgical steel details for maximum strength
  • Ultra-strong Kevlar-reinforced cord
  • Full noise protection
  • USB toggle wheel and programmable softbuttons
  • Bluetooth connection for mobile phone
  • 3 year repair/replace warranty
  • CE approved

This product may require a bottom cable/cord - please contact us for details.

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