The Jabra Noise Guide can be strategically placed to record and monitor the level of noise in your workplace. Situate the Jabra Noise Guide on a pod of desks in your office or call-centre and the instant feedback indicator will display a green, orange or red ear when conversations are above a set limit. Workers will be able to see when noise is rising and respond to reduce problem noise levels. The light strip at the base of the unit is powered by Jabra’s noise trend technology and indicates the average noise level over a set period in green, orange or red, giving you an intuitive representation of how noisy your workplace is on an everyday basis, information that the unit will record for you, providing hard statistics which you can download via USB and analyse with Jabra’s SoundEar® 3 software.

*Source: Productivity of Office Workers study conducted by Lindberg International on behalf of Jabra. May 2015.

  Customer Challenge                                    How Jabra Noise Guide Solves It

When productivity is down due to the noise in the work environment, the Jabra Noise Guide is the solution you’ve been waiting for

With many offices being open-plan workers often feel that they are being negatively impacted by high levels of noise

In this environment many companies have no long term solutions for solving noise issues in open-plan offices
Creates awareness about the negative effects of noise levels in open offices, prompting a change in workplace culture and behaviour to reduce noise levels, ultimately increasing employee productivity

The Instant Feedback Technology will make the unit turn red, orange or green to make people aware of the current noise level. This encourages everyone to consider their noise level, creating a better working environment

Measuring and recording daily noise levels can help identify and track problem areas in the office

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