5 Reasons Headsets Are Better For Mobile phones While Driving Than Speakerphone


5 Reasons A Headset Is Better For Your Mobile


You know talking on your mobile phone while driving is dangerous. Reports have shown that using one in the car can lead to slower response times, because they cause such a big distraction. In many countries and states, the using a mobile phone without a handsfree device has even been outlawed.
While safety should always be your number one priority, even switching to speakerphone can cause other complications you might not have considered previously. And although they aren’t as important as your overall safety, these issues can still wreak havoc on your conversations with friends, family, and co-workers while you are in the car.

 The Downside to Using Speakerphone Instead of Headsets

  • Call Clarity- It can be very difficult to understand what your caller is saying when you are using your mobile phone’s speakerphone, and because you will be straining to pick up every word, you are just as distracted as you would be if you were holding the mobile phone to your ear. Instead of dealing with miscommunication, consider using a headset instead. You will benefit from crystal-clear clarity, allowing you to hear what the caller has to say quickly so you can get back focussing fully on the road.
  • Background Noise- Unlike with wireless headsets which have noise-cancelling technology, your caller can hear everything that goes on in your background when you use your speakerphone. This can make it more difficult for them to understand what you are saying, as they must try to hear what you say over the sounds of cars passing you, an airplane above you, or the song you have on the radio.
  • More Complicated to Use- Accepting a call with your microphone headsets is simple. You simply reach up and push a small button on the headphones to connect to your caller. With speakerphone, however, it is just a bit more complicated. You will need to think beforehand and place your mobile phone within reach. When it rings, you will need to answer the phone and then press an additional button to turn the speakerphone on. This is quite distracting, and could potentially be a safety risk.
  • No Privacy- Using a speakerphone in the car means you have no privacy during your conversation. Anyone who is in the car with you can listen in and even become part of the conversation- even if you don’t want them to. If your boss calls while you are driving, and you are with your six year old, you take the chance of having an important conversation interrupted.
  • It’s Rude- Automatically placing a caller on speakerphone when you answer your cell is just plain rude, and many individuals will be quite offended by the act. The caller has no way of knowing who else is listening in on the conversation and may be upset you aren’t able to provide them with the attention they deserve. While you are indeed distracted, and most of your attention is focused on the road, there’s no reason to be rude.
Speakerphones may be advertised as a safe and effective way of communicating while you are driving, but they may be more trouble than they are worth. Use a headset instead and enjoy call clarity, noise-cancelling technology, and the privacy you need for important calls.


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