Why Do You Need a Voice Tube for Your Headset?

A headset with a voice tube is much different than a noise-cancelling headset. The most significant difference, of course, is that a voice tube doesn’t cancel out any background noise. When used in a noisy environment, the caller on the other end of the line can hear everything in the background.

Still, even without noise-cancelling technology, there are many reasons these headset can become an important part of your office. Today we are going to discuss the many benefits and uses of these types of headphones so you can make an informed decision on whether voice tube headsets or noise-cancelling headsets are better for your work environment.

Voice Tube Headphone Uses and Benefits

  • Safety- The first benefit of voice tubes applies to all headset, but this does not make it any less important: safety. Your neck isn’t designed to hold onto a phone handset, and while it may work well for a while, you can eventually experience neck problems that may require massages, a visit to the chiropractor, or even surgery. While you may be trying to save money by using your old hand-held phone, consider the amount of money and pain you can save yourself by preventing future medical issues.

  • Adaptability- While headset reviews may boast the benefits of noise-cancelling headphones, a voice tube offers one advantage those other headsets don’t. With a noise-cancelling headset, the microphone is placed at the end of the flexible tube, but with a voice tube, the microphone is inside the headphone. The voice tube is hollow, allowing your voice to be carried up the tube and into the microphone. Because of this, and the fact that the voice tube is removable, many different individuals in your office and use the same headset. To avoid germs, they will simply need to use place their own voice tube on the headset.

  • Colour- Most headsets come in a few simple colours, like black, grey, or silver. With a voice tube, however, you can personalize your headset by choosing from a variety of different colours. This is also beneficial if you are sharing a headset with another individual in your office and have your own voice tube. You can both choose different colours so you can quickly identify which voice tube is yours.

  • Home Offices- While a noise-cancelling handsfree headset may be best in a noisy office building, voice tubes may be the best choice for home offices. Here, you don’t generally need to worry about loud noises or distracting sounds, especially if your children are at school all day or your home office is separate from the rest of your house.

  • Replacement- If the tube on a noise-cancelling headset breaks, the entire headset will most likely need to be replaced. A voice tube is different. While it may become clogged or damaged over time, it is a separate part of the headset and can easily be replaced on its own. Instead of having to purchase a whole new handsfree headphone if something happens, you will just need to by a new voice tube.

Using a voice tube headsetcan have many advantages. Be sure you choose the right headset to suit your needs and your particular office environment.

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