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The trek of a lifetime for The Alzheimer's Society!

In October of 2013, two men from Manchester took on the challenge of a lifetime!
Dale Vicker and Carl Austin raised thousands of pounds for The Alzheimer's Society by trekking to Everest Base Camp!
To help them raise even more money and to find out more please visit Carl and Dale's JustGiving page.
These guys are no strangers to challenges! In 2012 they both threw themselves from planes for the charity and previous to that Dale conquered Kilimanjaro and Carl cycled across Africa! The trek to Everest Base Camp took over 2 weeks and the pair endured freezing temperatures, poor sanitary conditions, limited food and on some days trekking for up to 12 hours. By holding charity nights and collections in local supermarkets, they achieved their fundraising target and are well on their way to doubling it!
Dale who lost his grandmother to Alzheimer’s said:
"It’s a very cruel disease, my gran went from being the feisty head of the family to not knowing anyone around her and needing round the clock care, that’s where the Alzheimer’s Society really helped us as a family."
The Alzheimer’s Society is totally reliant on donations and gets no funding from the government, which is staggering considering that over 800,000 people in the UK suffer from the disease.
To help Carl and Dale raise even more money and to find out more about their trek, please visit their JustGiving page.
Well done Carl and Dale!
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