Gigaset AS405A DECT TAM Single


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Gigaset AS405
- Illuminated, black-and-white 1.8'' display with good contrast;
- Illuminated send and hands-free key (green LED) and dedicated illuminated message key (red LED);
- Perfect sound quality with selectable sound profiles.

Treat yourself to comfort and style
When it comes to daily calling, easy use is a top priority. Meet the Gigaset AS405 – a modern, ultra-comfortable cordless phone. Save up to 100 contacts in the convenient phonebook. Enjoy easy reading and navigation on the large black-and-white display, then savour lengthy conversations in perfect sound quality.

Clear reading and easy navigation
We’ve designed the Gigaset AS405 cordless phone for your comfort. You’ll enjoy outstanding legibility – even in poor lighting conditions – thanks to its 1.8-inch illuminated display with good contrast. A green, illuminated send (and hands-free) key ensures fumble-free calling, while a dedicated red LED shows whether you’ve received any messages.

Helping you stay connected
With space for up to 100 contacts in the phonebook, the most important people in your life are just a few clicks away. Need even more speed? No problem – the Gigaset AS405 analog telephone lets you program speed-dial shortcuts on keys 2 through 9. And thanks to caller ID plus a handy missed call list, you always know who wants to get in touch.

Customised ringtones and volumes
The Gigaset AS405 offers various sound profiles for perfect sound quality – in any situation. Get the undisturbed rest you deserve by silencing anonymous calls or selecting day/night mode, muting the handset ringer, or simply. You can also choose a favourite ringtone and just the right volume – or even a crescendo.

Eco DECT: Radiation-free
Energy-efficient power supply means that the Gigaset AS405 is easier on the environment – and on your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to the base station depending on their distance apart. You can also decrease the transmitting power of the Gigaset AS405’s base station by 80% – simply select ECO Mode. What’s more, radiation-free ECO Mode Plus switches off the transmitting power whenever your phone is in idle mode.

Intuitive answering machine
Stay in the loop, no matter what: the Gigaset AS405A with an integrated answering machine picks up whenever you’re unavailable. With up to 20 minutes of recording time, everyone can share what’s on their minds. The handset features a new message signal, and you can retrieve messages directly on the handset or at the base station – your choice!

- Phonebook for up to 100 names and numbers;
- Programmable speed-dial shortcuts using keys 2-9;
- Day & night mode mutes handset ringer;
- Anonymous call silencing;
- Call lists with up to 25 missed calls, including caller ID and time;
- Selectable ringtones (with 5 volume levels, mute and crescendo);
- Alarm clock with choice of ringtones and snooze function.
Gigaset AS405A DECT TAM Single

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