Gigaset C300A DECT Handset - Trio


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The Siemens Gigaset C300A Trio: A trio set of DECT cordless phones for excellent sound and easy-to-use features

This trio set of cordless phones has been designed by Gigaset to meet the demands of everyday landline use; the C300A is a dependable all-rounder offering terrific value for money thanks to their superior sound quality, integrated answer machine, and a range of intuitive DECT features to take advantage of. Built by one of the leading manufacturers of DECT phones, the Gigaset C300A comes with a 2-year warranty and offers peace of mind that it has been made to last.

Multi-handset DECT features

Make the most of having three cordless handsets with the Gigaset C300A’s range of additional features. Each handset can be assigned an individual name, and calls placed internally so you can easily contact those in and around your home. If you pick up a call meant for someone else then simply transfer the caller to the correct handset (you can even activate music on hold), and the conferencing facility can be utilised so that more than one handset can speak to an external line at the same time. The handsets further benefit from a phonebook memory for up to 250 contacts, which can be conveniently transferred among the handsets so you only ever need to update one.

Integrated answering machine

The base of the Gigaset C300A comes with an in-built answering machine, which can be switched on or off, or set to answer only (announcing to callers that you are unavailable and to call back later). The answer machine offers a recording time of up to 25 minutes, and messages can either be played back from one of the cordless handsets or directly from the base. You can even dial in remotely from an external line, and listen to messages when you are away if you need to keep in touch.

Gigaset C300A DECT Handset - Trio

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