Gigaset C530A Twin DECT Phone


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The Siemens Gigaset C530A Twin Cordless Phones: Delivering style and reliability to your home

Designed to make life easier, the C530A Twin is a dependable new set of cordless phones from Gigaset who consistently see their products top the which? Best Buy list. And this latest release certainly doesn’t disappoint; offering user-friendly and helpful features, such as time controlled call silencing for bringing peace and quiet into your home. Important conversations can last as long as it takes with a talk time of up to 14 hours, and reliable DECT technology also lets you carry the handsets throughout your home without worrying about the quality of sound deteriorating.

Convenient digital answer machine

It’s not always possible to answer a call, and for those times the Gigaset C530A has an integrated answering machine with a recording time for up to 30 minutes of messages. The number of new messages is conveniently displayed on the LED counter on the base, which also has playback controls (with intuitive skipback function). The answering machine is easily accessible from both cordless handsets, and messages can also be picked up remotely from an external line if you like to keep in touch whilst away.

Reliable features

If you’re fed up with the phone ringing an inopportune moments of your day, take advantage of the C530A’s day/night switch that conveniently silences the ringer giving you peace of mind that you won’t be disturbed. The phonebook has space for up to 150 entries, each with space for full name and up to 3 numbers; once stored you can take advantage of marking your VIP entries and transfer details between the handsets. The C530A further benefits from Gigaset’s High Sound Performance™ with every call for enhanced clarity, even when you’re talking hands-free.

Gigaset C530A Twin DECT Phone

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