Grandstream GXP2020EXT - 2110/20 Module


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For small to medium sized enterprises that need to manage high call volumes, they tend to consider the possibility of adding a new IP phones to the office. Unfortunately, this may not be an efficient solution, not to mention that adding a new phone does not provide much of an increase in call handling capability especially if the demand is big. A more practical approach is to attach an expansion module

The Grandstream GXP2020 EXT Expansion Module is built to specifically meet this demand. It expands the capability of the GXP2020 through a panel of 56 buttons, each one fully programmable to support a wide range of functions. To make things easier to monitor, each button even comes with its own dual LED status indicator

Each of these 56 buttons can support all traditional call features like speed dialing, call on hold, call transfer, call pickup, and call forward. It also includes a busy lamp field, and is capable of 3 way call conferencing

Up to two Grandstream GXP2020 EXT Expansion Modules can be daisy chained to the GXP2020, brining the total programmable buttons to a total of 112. Such a number of buttons is ideal for power users like receptionists, call centre agents, marketing executives, and administrative support staff. Aside from the GXP2020, this expansion module is also compatible with GXP2010, GXP2110 and GXP2120

From the main IP phone unit, a local interface that is animation driven can be used to interact with the expansion modules. The host phone provides the power requirements to drive the Grandstream GXP2020 EXT Expansion Module. It also provides the required signaling, providing it with a cent
Grandstream GXP2020EXT - 2110/20 Module