Gigaset Maxwell 10 - Package 2


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Gigaset Maxwell 10 Android Video Phone
 The Gigaset Maxwell 10 is a VoIP video phone equipped with the Android operating system, built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DECT module.
 Features Gigaset Maxwell 10
  •           10.1 "HD Touch display (IPS / 1280 x 800/24 Bit)
  •           Android 4.2.2 OS with special Gigaset apps
  •           Up to 12 voice channels, and SIP accounts
  •           Built-in 720p HD camera for videoconferencing
  •           Built-in Wi-Fi client, Bluetooth and DECT module (for cordless DECT handset or headset)
  •           2 x Gigabit LAN with PoE, 2 x USB 2.0 and HDMI port
  •           Address Book with Google Contacts, Exchange, XML
There are different types of accessories to create your Gigaset Maxwell himself. There are currently obtain three different wireless handsets:
  •           Plastic finish top handset
  •           Wood top handset
  •           Leather top handset
The Gigaset Maxwell has many features but is designed in the basis for VoIP or video calls. You can program up to 12 SIP accounts in the phone and through the HD camera can be communicated via 720p resolution video.
Thanks to Bluetooth and GAP  , wireless headsets also be easily connected to the Gigaset Maxwell.
Via HDMI, it is possible to transfer the image to a larger monitor, this is useful when you use video conferencing with several people. The two USB ports allow you to connect USB drives for additional storage and transfer capabilities files. You can also use this for example to connect a mouse.
 Android and other software
Comes standard Gigaset Maxwell with the Android 4.2.2 operating system that can be upgraded if necessary to expect. Gigaset has special apps installed that improve the use of the Maxwell. So you can easily configure your VoIP accounts and track your contacts.
Your address book contacts can easily edit via the touch screen, but also to synchronize with your Outlook contact person, Google Contacts, Exchange or via an XML file from your VoIP system.
Gigaset Maxwell 10 - Package 2

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