The Nook Appeal


Our Vision

We have planning permission for a new hospice in a fantastic five-acre woodland setting; five miles south of Norwich in Framingham Earl. It will be nearer the centre of the county, much closer to local services, hospitals and road networks. It also means the majority of families and staff will travel shorter distances to receive and deliver care. Once built it will transform our care to meet the changing needs of children and help us meet the increasing demand for our services.


The nook will have:

  • A far larger, open plan care area, all on a single floor
  • More areas for clinical care and improved medical and nursing equipment
  • Fantastic activity areas for arts, crafts and play
  • A hydrotherapy pool – something we don’t have the space for at Quidenham
  • A large state-of-the-art sensory room
  • A special quiet haven area for families
  • Dedicated therapy rooms and music studio
  • Larger and better equipped en-suite bedrooms for children and young people
  • En-suite family accommodation rooms
  • Far more outside space for children to safely explore and play
  • Facilities for family support groups, counselling, therapies and activities


 The size and design of the building will also mean a reduction in the short-break care we have to cancel to deliver vital end of life care. The nook will enable us to do both, better, and at the same time. It will be a central hub, serving families across the county with specialist care both in the hospice and the community.


We are recognised as leaders in our field, with a reputation for excellence and commitment to development and innovation. The scale and competitive cost of the project reflects the size and nature of delivering and developing such a wide range of specialist services – Norfolk and North Suffolk families need a 21st century building for 21st century care.

Building of the nook is well underway and we need your support to finish! The nook will provide a central hub for us to deliver even better care across Norfolk. We’ve outgrown our hospice at Quidenham which restricts the care we can provide – we need a 21st century building to provide 21st century care.