Polycom VVX 601 HD Phone SfB Version


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Polycom VVX 601 HD Phone SfB Version

The Polycom VVX 601 is an advanced executive business media phone with a large, intuitive touchscreen and HD call quality. This is an ideal telephone for busy corporate executives and managers who need to be efficient and productive when making calls. This updated model benefits from an enhanced processor and improved memory in comparison to its predecessor, the VVX 600.

4.3-inch full colour LCD touchscreen not only serves to make this phone very attractive, a welcome addition to any corporate desktop, but also enhances the potential of the VVX 601 to improve your productivity on the phone. Removing the need for softkeys and excessive interface clutter, this touchscreen provides full access to a full array of call management features and other, more advanced applications. For an even more expansive interface, Polycom VVX expansion modules can be added.

This telephone is compatible with the Polycom VVX camera, which is inserted through USB connection to provide simple, but powerful video calls via the large screen. Other connectivity options include an RJ9 headset port and integrated Bluetooth 2.1, allowing both corded and cordless headsets to be added for more isolated, concentrated calls.

The Polycom VVX 601 uses Power over Ethernet and therefore does not come with a power supply. This saves you both time and space otherwise occupied by excessive cabling. If you would like to purchase a separate AC power supply, go to the Polycom VVX power supply.


4.3-inch LCD colour touchscreen - 16:9
Power over Ethernet (Class 4) 
Polycom HD Voice
Polycom Acoustic Clarity
Packet loss concealment
RJ9 Headset Port
Integrated Bluetooth 2.1
Compatible with Polycom VVX camera

Polycom VVX 601 HD Phone SfB Version

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